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Listen to Informed Intuition

At Symmetri Consulting we increase your potential to deliver a big impact. We are passionate about embedding innovation to provide solutions to grow profit and market share.

Embedding Innovation

Our Capabilities

We administer ideation workshops, innovation assessments, and scenario planning for organizations all using online tools. Our firm uses evidence-based analysis from Innovation360 analytical tools to have more insightful conversations and help you make informed decisions. Innovation360® Group is a world leader in developing innovation management technology using science and ISO innovation standards to help companies change, profit, and build sustainable growth.

Systematic Creativity


Ideation workshops are important for scalability.  There are systematic ways to tailor your ideas that will be effective with your audience. We use a online tool from Ideation360®  and rigorous framework to offer ideation workshops and help you focus efforts the “right” ideas while reducing uncertainty.

Learn to:

  • Select the right projects to align with resources and market opportunity
  • Walk away with 3 actionable ideas that you can implement right away
  • Inspire your teams, optimize their creativity and collaborate with your internal and external groups
  • Create a hypothesis to minimize risk and high experiments cost

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Learning Strategy

Innovation Strategy Solutions based approach

We connect your current capabilities and identify new ones that are most relevant for growing your business. We focus on helping you improve decision making to select projects that will be funded at different stages of your business. Whatever horizon you are in, we work with you to design an integrated solution to create continuous improvement and leverage resources to grow your organization.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Align your leadership style and strategy
  • Build learning capabilities
  • Create opportunities through Scenario planning
  • Identify new customer channels and engagement strategy
Innovation Strategy Solutions based approach


Learn to make decisions to reshape your company and create a blueprint to foster innovative solutions. Your culture must have the skillsets, behaviors, and diversity to thrive toward a shared purpose to manage change.

We help you create alignment and improve performance using culture mapping:

  • Examine values and beliefs that support or block innovation in your culture
  • Change culture from being inward-looking to outward-looking
  • Promote listening and coaching
  • Immerse in global learnings
Evidence-Based Data

A Holistic Perspective

Innovation Assessment -INNOSURVEY®

We use a 360-degree service framework INNOSURVEY® collecting quantitative and qualitative data to help your organization build a set of innovation capabilities and align your culture to drive innovation.

The assessment allows you to:

  • Identify misalignments and amplifiers for innovation within your organization
  • Benchmark your organizations against industry leaders
  • Prioritize rebuilding innovation capabilities, culture and remove gaps
  • Examine values and beliefs that support or blocks innovation in your culture
Innovation Standards

ISO Organizational Readiness Assessment

ISO 56002 – Standardize Integrating innovation management 

ISO provides innovation capability standards developed by global experts sharing knowledge and consensus. Does your company have the right capabilities to innovate? Take the readiness test and find out more.