Channel Development

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Framework for channel innovation

Today, e-commerce dominates channels with company offerings to connect with customers and users, but traditional channels are still important.  Symmetri Consulting helps you find multiple ways to connect with your customer by embracing collaboration, technology, and value.  We will identify your innovation capabilities using the 360-degree service framework INNOSURVEY®, so your company can generate efficient response through integration, speed, and relevance.


Channel Development Strategy

Channel innovation starts with customer habits, but it’s equally important to know that they may have changing interests and preferences. The way they consume the information will adapt based on current trends, and you’ll want to stay one step ahead. We can help you build innovation capabilities to create flexible strategies to stay relevant.

If you’re looking to shift your business model or customer experience, learn how to optimize channel and it’s adjacent capabilities to provide consistent services and interactions.

We use an assessment tool for a more in-depth look to reveal how you enable your offerings and help you align your business model connecting with markets, customers, capabilities, and technology.

Learn to:

  • Align with innovation strategy
  • Find your opportunities and blind spot
  • Connect with others to create value
  • Build clarity in your goals
Channel Development